George Iliadis

Welcome to my website!

I am a Software developer based in Athens, Greece. I began my dev journey working fullstack PHP, Drupal, Code Igniter, MySQL, Linux server Administration. That did not last that long since I got involved with JavaScript and React. I started working and gaining experience around frontend and its various, popular technologies and libraries. Typescript, Redux, Styled Component libs and others. The majority of my Frontend work has been involved in the Sports Gambling industry. Dealing with a lot of real time updates and heavy traffic pages.

A couple of years ago, after starting to gain a better grasp of the technology, I had a realisation that we are not doing, the best thing for the end users. I dove deep head first into brower and client side performance. I am still down here on the ocean floor btw! So I started focusing on performance and advocating for better frontend tooling, making my first couple of steps as a conference speaker.

As a developer, I am not married to any tool or stack, but rather care for the end goal of putting something out there to the best of my ability. In my spare time you will find me experimenting, reading, try ingout things, builting demos and benchmarking. If you would like to come in contact with me, you can do it via email, which you can find on my CV link down below.

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Link to my CV